Living and Laughing with LOVE.....

October 16, 2013

I started this journey a few months ago with nothing more than a strong passion to create things that I would want to buy.

After hours of cutting, feeble attempts at sewing, designing dresses and then redesigning those designs I have come to realize that I started this path in my childhood. I spent countless hours watching my mother sew my clothes. Constantly begging to help her cut the fabric as I sat on the living room floor. I enjoyed picking out patterns and asking her to change this detail or that detail. Those early childhood memories have provided the framework for ille and Co.

I am living my truth, laughing at my mistakes and absolutely LOVING the process of creating simple designs that flatter curvier figures. Enjoy!

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About Us

About Us


ille and co offers custom women's clothing, leather sandals and accessories. Each item is custom made in body conscious feel good knits, bold colors, fun prints and sparkly metallics. Unapologetically designed for the curvier woman to accentuate her body and honor her spirit! Proud designer of clothing made in the USA, designed by true artists and not made in a factory.  Shop small business. Support local artists. Stay ille......

Available in sizes: x-small (2-4), small (4-6), medium (8-10), large (12-14),  x-large (16-18) and xx-large  (20-22)