Welcome to ille and co.

I started this journey a few years ago with nothing more than a strong passion to create things that I would want to buy. I simply didn't want to wear short skirts or deal with them riding up my legs anymore. I had grown into a woman and I wanted my clothing to reflect that. I wanted longer skirts that didn't ride up in the back. I wanted body conscious dresses that flattered my curves without being uncouth. I wanted feminine and sexy in a world full of skimpy and naked. I got tired of looking and decided to create my own.

After hours of cutting, feeble attempts at sewing, designing dresses and then starting over again... . I have come to realize that my passion for design began in childhood where I spent countless hours watching my mother sew. She made beautiful dresses, ornate children's clothing and wedding gowns.  I would watch her sew for hours and begged her to teach me to cut fabric as I sat on the living room floor. I enjoyed picking out patterns, fabrics and asking her to change this or that detail. Those early childhood memories have provided the framework for ille and Co.

I am living my truth, laughing at my mistakes and absolutely LOVING the process of creating simple designs that flatter curvier figures. I hope you enjoy!


About Us

ille and co

We love to work with fun prints, bright colors, textures and body conscious knits.

Each fabric is hand- picked for color, comfort, texture and feel. Whether you want to feel classy, bold, daring, or elegant, your style will be in good hands.

Each item purchased supports a small business and dream.

ille and co clothing has been designed to accentuate a woman's curves and bring out her inner confidence. Custom sizing for the care you want.

In a world where no one knows their true size... ille and co offers clothing sizes that make sense. You’ve never had a closet quite like this.


Ille and Team